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B&B Translogistic doo is located in Subotica and our main activity is the international transport of goods. It was founded in the year 2008. as a car carrier B&B Trans and our work began with a single van. Because of a logging upward trajectory of business, as well as an increase in the supply of goods January 2012. through legal form becomes B&B TRANSLOGISTIC doo. Today, we are a company that operates well and responsibly in order to have satisfied customers. Quality service, a satisfied customer!


Responsible and serious work, dedication of all employees, partners and careful choice of means of transport, as well as the organization of everyday business operations, we have gained good reputation and prestige throughout Europe.


As the most important resource of the company, in order to achieve the satisfaction of all employees, with the establishment of a high quality working conditions, joint decision-making, as well as creating an experienced and professional team that is constantly improving.


Despite the challenges posed by the economic situation, the company B&B Translogistic successfully continued business growth and development, largely as a result of the large number of partners and continuous investment in employee development.


Development of a wide and strong network of loyal associates and joint participation at regional, national and international markets in the field of transport and logistics.


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International Transport

We are aware that to our customers are the most important thing is that the shipment is delivered at the right time and in the right place.

International transport is very specific and responsible activity, for which the essential expressed planning ability, good organization and reliable partners. The need for transportation of goods is constantly growing and it is necessary to responsibly plan their courses, as well as the movement of the loading to the final address to which arrives.

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Transport Serbia

With years of experience we offer transport goods across Serbia, converted by small vehicles, trucks, vans, refrigerated trucks, tipper... Vehicles are each time maximally adapted to the needs of cargo and equipped with the latest equipment, which sometimes requires goods.


Connect free meters in the trailer and load different sizes and shapes, deploy pounds and miles in competitive prices is a difficult task about which you should not think. With the help of our experienced and professional staff, transport logistics complex is transformed into effective solutions to optimize the flow of goods with transport means in the most rational way possible.


Constantly Improving

Quality for us means the speed, security, efficiency, and responsible attitude towards the environment. We take maximum care of your goods from start to the moment of delivery and we try to give you a report on its movement from one part of the world to another.


Contact Information

We kindly invite you to contact us by any means of communication (e-mail, phone, Skype).
We believe that direct contact is extremely important, therefore, our staff speaks several languages and provides you with fast and accurate information at all times.

Phone: 024 522-400
Address: Maksima Gorkog 23, Subotica 24000, Serbia

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